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CloudCoin is Digital

Due a huge interest of our customers we released new chunk of cloudcoins at a preferential price.You can buy here. Please note that CloudCoin is in pre-order market state.


RAIDA - Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents

The RAIDA ( Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents ) is a global counterfeit detection system.

Its agents are located all over the world on redundant servers, networks and databases. Such arrangements of hardware are often referred to as Clouds.

System is self-healing and can repair its agents from scratch.

The RAIDA Protocol is an extremely light protocol and only requires minimal time execute, sends and receives just a few hundred bytes of data. Clients send authenticity requests in parallel to 25 RAIDA clouds. As a result it takes only milliseconds for signals to travel to the other-side of the planet and back.

Geolocation distribution, technology independance and redundance, self-healing and extremely fast speed makes RAIDA indestructible, resistant of hackers or goverments attacks. Multiple locations allow for catastrophic failures (such as a meteor strike or earthquakes), yet the system can stay operational.

Built for financial transactions

Spending Speed

Takes milliseconds to check authenticity (Unique to CloudCoin). For example Bitcoin takes 40 minutes to update public ledger.


Number of CloudCoins does not increase or decrease (except when doubling) (Unique to CloudCoin). It is not mined.

Time to get started

You can start Cloudcoin transfer immediately. Bitcons takes 24+ hours to download blockchain and it will take more and more.

Public Ledger of all transactions

There is no public ledger or centralized database. See: RAIDA. For example Bitcoin uses Public Ledger that is available to the entire world including the KGB, CIA, China etc.

Account Required

No Account requred.

Software Required

No special software needed. For example Bitcoin use Wallet. You can store your cloudcoins to any storage device and send to your parthers your preferred way, even as a picture.


100% Anonymous.Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous due public ledger.


Database can be fixed automaticaly from other RAIDA servers from scratch.


In digital currency's context Market means Software

CloudCoinConsortium (CCC) is organisation behind CloudCoin. It is founded by Sean Worthington (founder of cloudcoin). At the moment CCC develops full stack of applications about cloudcoin market. As a last phase we expect creating of a decentralized digital exchange and escrow service so that everyone can buy and sell CloudCoins.

List of CloudCoinConsortium software here

Frequently asked questions

What is Cloud Currency?

Cloud Currencies do not depend on encryption but on redundancy along with a patent pending distributed authenticity protocol. CloudCoin® is the first and only of its kind yet. See Technology section or for more info.

What is Cloudcoin currency?

Cloudcoin is digital currency depend on redundancy, which have extremely fast transaction model. It was invented by professor of the University of Brutte College, Chicago PhD Sean Worthington as part of his dissertation on artificial intelligent object recognition system that could recognize money for vending machines. Cloudcoins theoretical part is based on foundamental philosophy of Stephan Molynuex and comprehension that monetary systems are physical implementations of information systems and that money is data. That conception creates the needs of fast transaction model that differs from the present cryptographic model (Bitcoin, Etherium and all blockchain based models).

The system used Worthington's "Magic Neuron" design that required many computes to act like neurons. The data store could be taught and memorize the notes. He understood that he could create a brain in the cloud that could identify millions of individual notes and even be taught to recognize changes.

In August 2016, Worthington minted 16,777,216 CloudCoin notes and registered them with the RAIDA - then in experimental development.

Who manages CloudCoin?

The CloudCoin Consortium (CCC) tries to improve the value of CloudCoins. The RAIDA (Highly Independent Dispersed RAIDed Authentication) cloud is not owned or controlled by anyone or any entity. It is in the best interest of all these people that their part of the RAIDA cloud is independent and available.

Who we are?

We are legitimate seller of CloudCoin currency. Some of our team members are members of CloudCoindConsortium and administrators of RAIDA nodes as well. We know that RAIDA at the moment is the best digital currency transaction model and this makes CloudCoin more valueble than other digital currencies.

What is RAIDA?

Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents. The RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system. It is responsible for every cloudcoin transaction. Quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast and reliable, the RAIDA can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin within milliseconds.See Technology section.

What is CloudCoinConsortium (CCC)?

The CloudCoin Consortium was created in October 2016 by its founding member and creator of cloudcoin currency Sean Worthington. CloudCoin Consortium's members are software engineers, developers, administrators from all over the world. It purpose is to supports cloudcoin development. Its business model include detection of counterfeits and recover cloudcoins to users. You can see official CCC website here

Can the government shut CloudCoin down?

The secret to CloudCoins are the CloudCoins themselves. The 25 authentication clouds are located in 22 different countries and managed by independent operators. Governments would have to shut down all 25 clouds in order to stop CloudCoins from authenticating. If one RAIDA cloud is brought down, others pop to replace it. As time goes by and the value of CloudCoin grows, the number of servers will grow to 6,000.

How can I sell CloudCoins?

You can sell you CloudCoins online assuming you have a PayPal account or other bank. You may also accept electronic checks. You may also request cash, check or coin be mailed to you and send CloudCoin upon receipt. CloudCoin was designed to allow for easy escrow service so this is another option for riskier purchases. Each CloudCoin has a Escrow password that you can use to identify yourself as the owner. This is necessary for an escrow account but is not necessary for regular transactions.

How can I buy CloudCoins?

We will have a public registry of sites that sell CloudCoins in exchange for currency. You can expect to be able to purchase them with what ever currency you have. This site is one of these sites. You can buy here



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